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Why you’re not losing weight – Is your subconscious sabotaging you?

why you're not losing weight

Why you're not losing weight - Is your subconscious sabotaging you?

Have you been ignoring the haunting guilt in the pit of you stomach? The one that creeps up to your conscious mind after you had your morning doughnut, afternoon cookies, or evening cake and ice cream. That little nagging voice that keeps saying -

"Why did I just eat that?", "It wasn't that good!", "I wasn't even hungry!"

The overwhelming insecurities about your poor food choices are quickly overcome by the compensating subconscious mind telling you that -

"I wanted it", "I deserved it", "I eat whatever I want, because I have a healthy appetite".

But you know your routine could be healthier, and that small changes make a big impact on your weight, mood and overall well-being. You know you shouldn't have eaten that!

For a moment, lets stop avoiding the obvious. You know why you're not losing weight. There is too much pressure on you! You're not a health professional, you're not a diet expert, so although you know that you could change you don't know how to most effectively change!

But If someone just told you what to eat to lose the maximum amount of weight and be satiated. Would you do it? I bet the answer is yes!

What if I told you RDiety does just that. RDiety also knows why you're not losing weight. Our plan is crafted by Registered Dietitians, and takes all of the pressure of you. We lay out EXACTLY what you're going to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and three snacks, every day. The menus have been meticulously tested for maximum weight loss, satiation, taste, and ease.

The meals, have all of the nutrients needed to trigger satisfaction in both your conscious and subconscious. Our clients often tell us that they are able to concentrate harder at work and often forget to their eat snacks.

"The LCD [Low Carbohydrate Diet] group was less bothered by hunger compared to the LFD [Low Fat Diet] group." -1.

Their food cravings change from " I NEED TO EAT NOW!" to "It's lunch time already? Great I'm kind of hungry." Think this can't happen to you? Well stop wondering why you're not losing weight and try RDietY, you'll love it!  What do you have to lose? Just extra pounds!


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