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Does Your Weight Loss Diet Plan Lead to Permanent Weight Loss?


Have you been maintaining your weight loss diet plan?  Have you been trying to figure out how to maintain your plan so that you can keep you weight off?  Here are 7 secrets to permanent weight loss!

For anyone who has ever found it hard to zip up their jeans after too many nights of binge eating, or realized their favorite dress from last summer has become a tad too tight, an obsessive quest to find a good weight loss diet plan begins. But here is one of the weirdest weight loss secrets – It is much easier to lose weight than to keep it off!
There have been several studies conducted across the globe, and all of them revealed that while dieters were able to successfully lose excess pounds through a strict diet and exercise program, the weight will eventually come back the minute they return to their old eating habits. And the worse news is that sometimes, you gain the weight back more rapidly and end up much heavier than you were before! It’s scary, right?
So, if your current dilemma is, maintaining your weight loss diet plan to keep the unwanted pounds off, here are some of the best kept weight loss secrets for permanent weight loss.

Weight loss diet plan for permanent weight loss

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7 Secrets of Permanent Weight Loss
Why is it that some people have such successful weight loss stories, while you cannot seem to keep excess weight off? Sure, you lose weight when following a weight loss diet program, but soon afterwards you regain it all and sometimes much more. What is it that these people are doing and you aren’t?
To find the answer to this question, researchers Rena Wing, PhD and James Hill, PhD initiated the National Weight Control Registry, about 10 years ago. This program was created to track the nutrition habits of people who had successful weight loss stories. They studied over six thousand subjects, and found that most ‘successful losers’ who don’t just lose weight but also manage to keep it off forever share a few common habits. And we reveal them to you!


Always Eat Breakfast

Your weight loss diet plan should always start with a hearty breakfast, which includes healthy carbs, proteins and fats. Nutritionists explain that those who start their day with a healthy breakfast with lots of fiber are 26% less likely to overeat during the next meal. Your body has been in ‘starvation mode’ for several hours, and hence, it now needs a steady source of energy. And this is why you have to ensure that your breakfast consists of some slow burning carbs or complex carbohydrates that kick start your metabolism and provide fiber; slow digesting proteins that keep you fuller for longer; and healthy fats that stabilize hormones and blood sugar levels in your body. Skip your breakfast, and you can forget about trying to resist the urge to gorge on a calorie-choked muffin or doughnut by the time you hit your desk at work!

Keep a Close Eye on Portion Sizes
While you were following your weight loss diet program, you ate judiciously and never went for a second helping. You saw the results, didn’t you? Its common sense then – this practice is not one you should ever give up. Now that you have lost that weight, you still need to keep a close eye on portion sizes. It’s the only way to limit your caloric intake. If you don’t have a very strong will power that can keep you from reaching for that second helping at lunch or dinner, here is a simple trick – always have a bowl of lightly salted clear soup made of vegetables and meat broth before your meal. This will diminish your appetite to some extent, and make it easier for you to control your calories. If you need inspiration, here is a yummy, low-carb recipe.

Follow a Routine
Most successful dieters stick to a routine when it comes to their weight loss diet plan. Irrespective of whether it is a hectic weekday, the lazy weekend, or a relaxing vacation – they still eat each meal around the same time. This practice has several benefits. Most importantly, it creates an internal clock or rhythm within the body. The body expects calories at a specific time, and one it gets those calories you then burns them off efficiently, because that's what you have trained your body to do. Even if you want to indulge (and we all do from time to time!), you still need to stick to the same set eating pattern. Believe it or not, this simple practice will prove to be the cornerstone of your permanent weight loss success. A simple trick to achieve complete satiation even with a small, simple meal is to give it your 100% attention. Usually, activities like talking on the phone, reading or watching TV while eating can interfere with the signals your stomach sends to the brain when it is full. Eat at a slow pace, chew thoroughly, and ensure you take your time while eating a meal. Experts suggest you should take at least 10 minutes to eat a meal.

Plan Your Meals
If you want to maintain a healthy weight, you have to plan your meals. Look for yummy low-carb, low-calorie recipes that piqué your interest. While we all enjoy occasional indulgences, planning ahead of time and organizing your meals ensures that you are still able to strike a balance with your caloric intake every day. If you are going to be eating out dinner at a restaurant with friends, make sure that you eat a high fiber, high protein breakfast that ensures you do not overeat at lunch time. And pack a wholesome large vegetable and turkey breast salad for lunch from home, so that you stay away from the greasy cafeteria lunch.

Stay Hydrated
Ensure that you drink enough fluids through the day to keep your body well hydrated. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day helps flush out all toxins in the body. In fact, many people who tend to nibble on high calorie snacks between meals are confusing thirst with hunger. A glass of water or unsweetened beverage will successfully take the edge off your appetite, and let you stick to your weight loss diet plan with ease.

Eat Frequent Meals
When you were searching for ways to lose weight quickly, you probably came across a golden weight loss secret – divide your meals; eat 5-6 small meals rather than 3 large ones. There is no reason to ignore this rule even now! If your goal is to lose weight permanently, you have to eat 5 to 6 times a day to keep your metabolism revved up. If you aren’t sure how to schedule these meals, the simplest rule of thumb is to eat every 3-4 hours. This practice keeps blood sugar levels stable, and also ensures you don’t have the urge to overeat at any meal because you are better able to manage your appetite. You don’t need fancy mini-meals; simply divide 3 meals in to 6, or have small healthy snacks - like a handful of nuts, some Greek yogurt with berries, or a bowl of fruit between your main meals.

Stay Physically Active
Creating a calorie deficit is a great way to lose weight. However, your weight loss diet plan is not only method to induce a calorie deficit. You can also use exercise. It’s not difficult – just stay more physically active! Even a simple exercise like walking is effective if you either start walking an extra mile every week, or increase your speed while keeping the distance walked constant. Burn a few extra calories everyday by choosing to ditch the elevator and walk up stairs to your office floor, or park your car a little further away from the grocery store so that you walk the extra distance, or simply play outdoors with your child or dog for 20 minutes once you get home.

The Takeaway
Experts believe that when it comes to permanent weight loss, the challenging part for most people is sustaining the new diet plan. It’s easier to adopt healthier nutritional practices when the goal is to lose weight. But the minute dieters reach their ideal weight; they tend to go easy on the weight loss diet plan and exercise program.
This is what weight loss gurus don’t tell you: The only way to achieve permanent weight loss is to accept the fact that your new healthy eating habits and daily workouts are now an irrefutable part of life.
But don't be discouraged permanent weight loss is worth it!

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