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Snack Happy on your Low Carb Diet Plan with Pumpkin Seeds!


Pumpkin seeds are commonly eaten at Halloween, roasted after the pumpkins have been carved.

Pumpkin seeds are actually one of the most potent superfoods available, and are the perfect snack for any low carb diet plan.

Pumpkin seeds are a very high source of magnesium, which can help control blood pressure and prevent heart attack and stroke. They also contain large amounts of zinc, which can help regulate insulin levels.

In addition to the minerals found in pumpkin seeds, they are also full of phytochemcials that can protect us from cancer, diabetes, inflammation, and other diseases! A recent article written in Nutrition Research Reviews showed pumpkin seeds as being an incredible food to increase our overall health, all while supporting a low carb diet plan.

“Various important medicinal properties (of pumpkin seeds) including anti-diabetic, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and others have been well documented.” –Nutrition Research Reviews

They are also a source of natural phytoestrogens, which can raise our levels of good HDL cholesterol as well as relieve menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, headaches and joint paint. Pumpkin seeds also contain Tryptophan, a chemical that our bodies turn into the hormone serotonin that promotes relaxation, suggesting that pumpkin seeds may help us get more restful sleep at night.

Pumpkin seeds are high in healthy fats and protein, and low in carbohydrates, making them perfect for any low carb diet plan. They can be found in almost any grocery store, bulk food store, or health food store, and are quite inexpensive. Due to the delicate nature of the healthy fats in the seeds, they are best eaten raw, but can be dehydrated in the oven or a dehydrator for crunch, or lightly roasted for added flavor.

low carb diet plan, pumpkin seeds

To roast pumpkin seeds, heat your oven to a very low heat (no higher than 170 degrees F) and roast them sprinkled with salt or other seasoning of your choosing for 15-20 minutes. This will make the seeds crispy and delicious without destroying the healthy oils.

Following a low carb diet plan can involve some creative thinking when it comes to snacks, and pumpkin seeds are not only delicious, they’re bursting with nutritional benefits as well. So grab a bag of seeds and snack happy!

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