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Slaying the Twin Dragons of the Ketogenic Diet: Temptation and Craving


It can be tough to stick to a ketogenic diet, especially if we want to keep the weight off long-term through maintaining a ketogenic lifestyle.

According to Tom Venuto in The Body Fat Solution, compliance is the number one reason all diets fail. We all know what we should be doing, but the evil dragons Craving and Temptation seem to beset us at every turn, luring us into their caves with siren songs of short-term gratification.

When we’re just starting out, we grit our teeth and roll up our sleeves, determined to ignore these ketogenic saboteurs. And this might work pretty well at first, but after a month … three months … six months … our resolve wears thin, and all too often we find ourselves venturing into the dragons’ caves, sampling those forbidden non-ketogenic foods when we think the dragons aren’t looking. But even if nobody else sees us cheating, we can’t fool our bodies … and the pounds begin to creep back on.


So how do we deal with the Twin Dragons of ketogenic dieting?

1. Your Dragon Map: Keep a Food Diary.
According to a study done in 2008, people who held themselves accountable by keeping a food diary six days a week lost almost twice as much weight as those who didn’t.
It’s a good idea to look at your dragon map often.

2. Your Dragon Sword: Use the “90% Compliance Rule”.
Another piece of wisdom from Tom Venuto is the 90% Compliance Rule. Every day, stick to your ketogenic diet 90% of the time, but allow yourself a few “cheat” calories with which to enjoy your favorite forbidden foods. This both staves off the Craving dragon and allows you to enjoy your favorite foods in moderation with your loved ones. So if you’re on a 1500 calorie ketogenic diet, for instance, you may use 150 of those calories on whatever you want.

3. Your Dragon Horse: Don’t Forget Ketogenic-Friendly Exercise!
Exercise helps us dieters out in four major ways: it suppresses appetite, tones our muscles, enables us to eat more (we all like that!) and just generally makes us feel good. So record Game of Thrones to watch later, forgo an hour of Facebook, and grab a friend or grab the dog (or grab a dragon?) and go for a walk or a bike ride.

4. Your Dragon Helmet: Work With Your Mind.
When Starting your Ketogenic Diet look for pictures of people whose bodies you like. Cut out these pictures and pin them on a “dream board” with your face. You could even use Pinterest for this. Every time you are tempted to cheat, imagine yourself with a body that looks like theirs and ask yourself, “Is this non-ketogenic food I’m thinking of eating going to help me look like that?”

Good luck on your dragon-slaying hero’s journey, and when the going gets rough – keep going, you will tackle your ketogenic diet!

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