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Red Tomatoes, super food for a super you!


Did you know Red tomatoes are a super-food? Most people know this juicy and delicious vegetable as a great addition to their hamburger or sandwich – but never knew its true nutritional value! In fact, if you were searching for a food that was good for you heart, your skin and your immune system, you need look no further than red tomatoes. Surprised? Don’t worry, most people were when they learned of this vital information. Here’s a list of the top 6 nutrients contained in red tomatoes.....

  1. Vitamin C – Reduces cold symptoms, helps the immune system
  2. Vitamins A  –Vitamin A is good for the skin and immune system.
  3. Vitamin K- is needed to build strong bones & prevent heart disease.
  4. Potassium – This literally makes your heart beat! If your levels drop too low.....well its self explanatory! (This is found in bananas as well as red tomatoes)
  5. Fiber – Helps control blood sugar level and is good for your skin.
  6. Beta-carotene and lycopene – Beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A (which is essential) by your body.
  7. Lycopene- helps fight against and prevent cancers occurring in the body.

So next time you see juicy red tomatoes in your kitchen or your local grocery store just remember – they’re much more powerful than you thought!


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