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Lychee fruit, you gotta try this

Lychee fruit, may not seem that appetizing at first, but we suggest that you try them.

A group of us found lychee fruits on sale for $1.00 a pound, a great price considering they usually run about $5 a pound.

None of us had ever tried a lychee fruit, so we gave them a try.  We peeled off the hard bumpy red skin to reveal a pail white center. At this point they look like eyeballs EW!

We tried cutting the lychee fruit down the middle, only to hit a hard pit in the center, so instead of cutting we simply peeled the white fruit away from the pit, as shown in the picture.  This allowed us to look past the somewhat unusual appearance, and simply taste the fruit.

Lychee fruit also called lychee nuts are a tropical juicy fruit.  They are unique and have a taste similar to a Pina Colada!

Lychee Fruit / Lychee Nut

White fruit of the Lychee Fruit

At first, we were unimpressed by the flavor and texture, but we found ourselves snacking on them, and by the end of the day we were in love with lychee fruit! The flavor is rich and creamy like a coconut, sweet and juicy like a cherry.

We suggest you try them and if at first you are not pleased, try, try them again.

Fun Fact * It takes, on average, 11 times trying a new food before it can be appreciated.

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