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How to eat a persimmon both fuya and hachiya.


Wanting to add a sense of adventure to your fruit bowl? Knowing how to eat a persimmon is the key to enjoying this sweet and nutritious fruit.
Persimmons are high in many vitamins and minerals, and a recent study even suggests that the exotic persimmon contains more fiber per serving than an apple!

“A persimmon a day does more to reduce the risk of heart disease - the leading cause of death in the United States - than an apple.” – American Chemical Society, 2001

When it comes to enjoying one, knowing which type of the persimmon you have will determine how to eat it . There are two main types:

Hachiya Persimmon, Persimmon

Hachiya Persimmon

Hachiya Persimmon: This version is longer, with a pointed bottom. It tastes the best when very ripe and chilled (the insides will be quite soft – use a spoon and scoop out the flesh, leaving the skin). The hachiya persimmon is best for cooking down into jams, spreads, or incorporating into muffins.

Fuya Persimmon, Persimmon

Fuya Persimmon

Fuya Persimmon: The fuya persimmon has a much softer skin than the hachiya persimmon, and is best eaten when ripe and fresh. This persimmon resembles a tomato’s appearance, with a rounded bottom. The only preparation needed to enjoy this fruit is to wash it and cut off the leafy top. It can then be sliced into sections (the flesh is much more solid than the hachiya persimmon) and enjoyed on its own (including the skin) or incorporated into a fresh salad.

Fuya Persimmon, Hachiya Persimmon, Persimmon

Fuya Persimmon Salad

Try mixing a salad using the fuya persimmon, spring greens, tangerines, hazelnuts, and a simple olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette for a fresh, sweet treat for lunch!

The persimmon may look strange and intimidating, but knowing the type of persimmon you have and how to prepare it will eliminate the stress of not knowing how to eat it, letting you enjoy its rich, sweet flavors.

By Ashley Picanco

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