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Free Foods for your Low Carb Diet Plan


There are a wide variety of "free foods" that you can consume with your low carb diet plan without compromising weight loss.

You can add, remove or substitute any of these free foods in your low carb diet plan.  We divided the free foods into 4 main categories that can help you remember them.  These free foods provide your diet with pizzazz and excitement to keep you from becoming bored, and neglecting all of your hard work.


The 4 categories are as followed:

  1.  Spices
  2.  Artificial sweeteners
  3.  Condiment
  4.  Other

Be sure to follow the examples below and always look at the food label.


1. All non sweetened spices, are perfect additions to your low carb diet plan. They add variety, and flavor to your dishes, and also provide health benefits that you may not expect.

Examples of spices are: Parsley; Basil; Oregano; Rosemary; Cinnamon; Salts; Peppers etc.

low carb diet plan

Take caution of the prepared packaged meat and sauce spices, some of these are sweet and contain sugars.  Always check the label to ensure there are no carbohydrates in your spices.


2. Artificial sweeteners are controversial.  Latest research has shown inconclusive evidence to support both benefits and risks when used in diets.  It is your choice to use artificial sweeteners with your low carb diet plan.  As they do not have the calories of sugar yet they do add sweetness to dishes we do not discourage their use.

Examples of artificial sweeteners are: Splenda; Sweet & Low etc.

Caution, in some people, artificial sweeteners have been shown to actually cause the body to crave more sugar, and the artificial sweetener saccharin may cause diarrhea.


3. Condiments are wonderful addition to the low carb diet plan although RDietY's plan does suggest certain condiments for the meals feel free to change these up and switch the condiments to your liking.  Be careful, not all condiments are free foods, for instance, salad dressings and barbecue sauce are not free foods and should only be consumed when in the provided low carb diet plan in the amounts specified.

Examples of free food condiments are: Mustard; Hot Sauce; Vinegars; Soy Sauce; Vanilla; Banana peppers; Capers; Pickles etc.


4. Other free foods are everywhere!

Examples of other free foods are: Coffee; Tea; Non stick sprays; Lime Juice; Lemon Juice; Coco powder; Low fat canned whipped creams etc.

The key to finding other free foods is reading the food label.  If you find that a food's calories per serving is <15 and there is <1 gram of sugar, than this is a free food, and you can added it to your low carb diet plan.  Do be careful though, you should follow the foods serving size.

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