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On a weight loss diet plan? Get rid of your fat phobia!


On a weight loss diet plan you'll need to get rid of your fat phobia!  Here's how!

It’s a sad day when one dreads a trip to the grocery for fear of food labels! Aisle after aisle is triggered with misleading red flags designed to intimidate the unsuspecting mind. If you’re skinny, you wage a war against yummy stuff that doesn’t come with a “fat-free” or “low-fat” tag. If you’re tipping the scales a bit, your heart threatens to give out after multiple guilt shocks because everything with a “fat-something” tag seems to scream “jelly-belly”. It’s enough to make you think the mean girls in high school have a secret link to grocery stores and will continue to mess with your self-esteem for the rest of your life!

Before we go any further, let’s take a little test. Answer the following questions as truthfully as possible. (Warning: do not attempt in company or out loud).
Do you have an irrational fear of the word “fat” used in any context?
Do you find yourself going to any lengths to avoid “fat _______”? (replace with food labels, people, body parts etc.)
Is your worst nightmare about _______ fat? (Replace the blank with eating, getting, looking, being, not burning).
Is your best friend a food packet with a “fat-free” label?
If your answer to at least 3 of the above is “yes” (maybe’s count too) then you’ve got definitely under a cloud! Like millions around the world, you’re suffering of “fat phobia”. The silver lining is that’s its curable and we would probably rate it as 5 on the phobia-scale (with 1 being needle phobia and 10 being vomit phobia). The internet is swamped with inspirational stories of people overcoming phobias.

Causes of Fat Phobia
“Evolutionary” phobia. Generally includes built-in stuff like fear of fire, falling, spiders etc. Since we’ve had prolonged exposure to the health food storm, its likely to have become a part of the human evolution.

weight loss diet plan, fat phobia
“Experienced” phobia. Generally caused by traumatic or prolonged experiences. Like being taunted in high school for even looking at a nice, juicy hamburger.

Debunking the myth
The anti-fat brigade has been spectacularly successful in branding all kinds of fat as “bad” (synonymous with “if you eat this you, your self respect, and your social life will die”). This is not true. Amazing how we’ve all forgotten basic, primary school science! The body needs fats just as much as it needs other food types like carbohydrates and proteins. It’s a nutritional building block. Case in point: the low fat fad has been around for a while now and there’s no change in the level of obesity anywhere on the planet.

It’s not rocket science, just plain biology
The body burns fat slower than other food types and uses up a lot more energy to do so. The right amount of fat in your system can actually help you burn more calories.

Fats are key in the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals.
Fat is a major component of your body’s detox system. The absence of the required amount of fat in your diet means there’s nothing left to fight toxins and they roam around inside you in the form of free-radicals and cause all kinds of trouble on the inside.

Fat is beautiful! The plump, firm skin of your youth was thanks to a layer of fat cells under your skin.
Low-fat diets are like rust for your fat-metabolism. If you ever do indulge (everyone needs French fries once in a while) your body is unable to digest it properly.
Know your fats – when to say “yes”, “no”, “maybe”

Unsaturated fat is found in veggie oil like olive oil, palm oil and sunflower oil. It helps fight bad cholesterol, may boost good cholesterol and keeps your blood vessels from clogging up. Some researchers show that the right amount of unsaturated fats can prevent tummy fat, and are be beneficial to your weight loss diet plan.
Everyone knows the omegas by now. Found in fish, canola oil, walnuts and tofu, this magical ingredient is good for physical and mental health. It is said to reduce anxiety and stress and improve memory and observational skills. Its also great for keeping your skin young and firm. Omega 3 fatty acids are practically essential for all fitness/health diet programs.

Saturated fats are a “maybe”. Traditionally the bad guys, saturated fats are now making a comeback. Recent studies have shown that saturated fats, taken in limited amounts, are actually good for the bones, liver, and lungs! Who would’ve thought you need bad fat to breathe, right? Lungs are coated with a layer of sticky stuff that protects the cells that keep you alive. This sticky stuff is made up primarily of saturated fats. The liver uses saturated fats to get rid of toxins from medication and alcohol. Bones are made of calcium and our system needs saturated fats to absorb calcium into the blood stream.

The only truly bad kind of fat is trans fat. This is a modified version of unsaturated fat and was invented to increase the shelf life of some foods. Death by profit-making! Its found in processed food and includes most of the yummy stuff like cakes and pastries.  Always avoid trans fat, not just when your on your weight loss diet plan.

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