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A Look Inside the Diet Plan

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Welcome to RDietY.  The very first 100% online, Registered Dietitian developed, Online Diet Plan, that is compatible with all your devices.

(smart phones, tablets, labtops and desktops)

Here you will get a peek inside RDietY, so you know exactly what to expect for less than $1 a day.  Keep in mind seeking the personalized council of a Registered Dietitian could cost you 3x as much as RDietY's plan, and the results may not be as fast or drastic.  Have fun! and ENJOY YOUR DIET!

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The Customizable Diet Plan:

The day's breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 3 snacks are laid out.  You are able to: "expand" any of the meals, to view that meal's recipe card; customize any meal to your preference; change the menu back to the default; and print.

the recipe card:

When you "expand" the meal the recipe card will pop up.  The card displays exactly what to eat in order to be satisfied and lose weight.  The ingredients, the ingredients exact gram amount, and an estimated measurement per serving are all listed.

(A gram scale is encouraged while on this diet to ensure you are consuming the exact recommended amount. Purchase your gram scale.)

The preparation instructions do NOT need to be followed exactly.  You MAY prepare the recipe's ingredients any way you like.  However, please consume all of the listed ingredients and only add "free foods" (foods that do not have calories i.e. salt and mustard) to the recipe.  Adding "non-free foods" (foods that have calories) to the recipe will change the nutrient composition of the meal, and could compromise your diet plan.

changing the serving size:

You can change the servings amount for every recipe on the "My Account" page.

Here you can change the number of servings displayed in you recipe cards (default 1) to however many you would like.  The shopping list you generate will reflect this new serving amount as well.

You can also change the servings for an individual recipe, if you are having company or not cooking for as many.  Simply type the number of servings into the servings box on the recipe card and click save.  The recipe card and the shopping list will now reflect the new totals for each ingredient.


The Responsive Shopping list:

The monthly view is where you can generate your shopping list.  These shopping lists are 100% responsive to any meal or servings change you make, so you will never have to worry in the grocery store.  Use the down arrows to select the month and days you wish to shopping for.  You can choose as many days as you would like.  Because RDietY's diet plan uses many perishables we suggest shopping for no more than 7 days at a time.

The Weight Tracker:

You are able to track you weight loss progress using RDietY's weight tracker.  Set your "starting" date and weight, and your "goal" date and weight to form your "goal-line".

Then add your daily weight to form your progress line.  Under the graph is where the weights are recorded.  You can remove the weights if you have made a mistake, or would like to start over.

Track as often or as little as you feel necessary

RDietY's plan is fun, quick and effortless, you won't even know you are on a diet!

But the results will be evident. Our users have seen up to 15 pounds of weight loss within the first week, 30 pounds of weight loss within the first month, and over 100 pounds of weight loss within the year.  This Could be You!  You will have an increase in energy, you will lose unwanted pounds and you will look great and feel even better! Join RDietY today and see the benefits for yourself.

Choose your Payment Plan


1 Year - Accomplished Plan
Save $180!
Make the commitment to yourself.
One time payment of $239.99.
3 Months - Success
Save $15!
Do not let yourself fall off the bandwagon before you reach your goal!
One time payment of $89.99.
1 Month - Kick Start Plan
For less than the cost of a diet book.
Try the menu. You will love it!
One time payment of $34.99


We strongly suggest you make the commitment with the year weight loss plan! Our users agree that with yearly access you are able to stay motivated, you can not give up, and you can not fail.  Even if you "fall off the ban wagon" you know RDietY is here to pick you right back up when you are ready.  You will solidify the learning of healthy eating habits, you will fully enjoy the benefits of healthy eating, so much so, that your body will stop craving the "unhealthy" junk foods that we all know, yes even you know, you should avoid!  

Sign up for your weight loss plan today!