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Coconut Oil a Perfect Addition to Your Weight Loss Diet Plan


Adding Coconut Oil to your Weight Loss Diet Plan is a great idea especial with these three amazing detoxifying benefits!

Coconut oil is the wonder-child of health foods right now, enjoying plenty of time in the health spotlight. With good reason! It is packed with amazing health benefits including boosts to the metabolism and immune system. There’s more to the wonder-fat than meets the eye, though: it can be a key element for detoxifying your body of some nasty elements. Here are just three of the ways it helps us detox while on our weight loss diet plan:

 Weight Loss Diet Plan

1. Alleviates adrenal fatigue. The good-fat nature of coconut oil promotes stable, balanced blood sugar, which in turn gives the adrenal glands a break. This means a lower release of adrenaline, which can be harmful when in constant and high doses.

2. Fights fungal infections. Coconut oil contains fatty acids such as caprylic and lauric acid, which are a known anti-fungal agent. Toxin-producing candida (yeast) doesn’t like caprylic acid, so make sure to include coconut oil into your weight loss diet plan to keep yeast at bay.

  1. “[C]ertain medium chain fatty acids, such as lauric acid [a major component of coconut oil], have adverse effects on ... pathogenic microorganisms, including bacteria, yeast and fungi.” Issacs and Thormar, Immunology of Milk and the Neonat

3. Substitute for sugar cravings. When every fiber of your being is screaming for sugar, turn to coconut oil instead. Mix a teaspoon or two into a serving of oatmeal or even a hot cup of tea to stabilize low blood sugar and provide an alternative energy source and keep you on your weight loss diet plan. Or if you’re feeling industrious, prepare some simple coconut berry delights to have an on-hand candy alternative. Sugar is significantly toxic to our bodies, and the more you reduce the amount of sugar in your diet, the better off you are.

How will you add a little coconut oil to your detoxing routine?

by Ashley Gainer


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