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The Diet Data Files

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Why you’re not losing weight – Is your subconscious sabotaging you?

why you're not losing weight

Why you’re not losing weight – Is your subconscious sabotaging you? Have you been ignoring the haunting guilt in the pit of you stomach? The one that creeps up to your conscious mind after you had your morning doughnut, afternoon cookies, or evening cake and ice cream. That little nagging voice that keeps saying – […]

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Free Gram Conversions Calculators

grams to pounds, grams to ounces

  Gram conversions: grams to pounds or grams to ounces. If you’re not familiar with the grams, rDIETy’s shopping list generater may be slightly out of your comfort zone.  But do not worry.  Almost every food in the grocery store has the gram weight on the front of the package.  In addition, almost all of the food label […]

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Free BMI Calculator – Should you lose weight?

free BMI calculator

  Calculate your BMI with the free BMI calculator below. [calc id=1489] *if the calculator does not load please refresh the page.  Instructions 1. Enter your height in inches. (feet) * 12 + (inches) = total inches 5’2″   =   5′ * 12 + 2″ = 62″ total 2. Enter your weight in pounds. […]

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Free Foods for your Low Carb Diet Plan

low carb diet plan

  There are a wide variety of “free foods” that you can consume with your low carb diet plan without compromising weight loss. You can add, remove or substitute any of these free foods in your low carb diet plan.  We divided the free foods into 4 main categories that can help you remember them.  These […]

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Does Your Weight Loss Diet Plan Lead to Permanent Weight Loss?

Weight loss diet plan for permanent weight loss

  Have you been maintaining your weight loss diet plan?  Have you been trying to figure out how to maintain your plan so that you can keep you weight off?  Here are 7 secrets to permanent weight loss! For anyone who has ever found it hard to zip up their jeans after too many nights […]

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