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Love your Diet

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“Love your diet” are tips and tricks that will help you stay healthy, on your diet and feel great. What’s Not To Love?

Slaying the Twin Dragons of the Ketogenic Diet: Temptation and Craving

  It can be tough to stick to a ketogenic diet, especially if we want to keep the weight off long-term through maintaining a ketogenic lifestyle. According to Tom Venuto in The Body Fat Solution, compliance is the number one reason all diets fail. We all know what we should be doing, but the evil […]

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Weight Loss Tips, from a bunny?

  5 weight loss tips … from a bunny! “Eating rabbit food” is a common phrase associated with a weight loss diet plan. The assumption that only eating lettuce and carrots in order to lose weight is a popular, albeit it incorrect, myth. The actual thought of lettuce and carrots being the staple of a […]

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How to Do it Yourself Alfalfa Sprouts at Home

  Do it Yourself Alfalfa Sprouts are a fresh, delicious way to add both variety and powerful antioxidants to your weight loss diet plan, but due to their very short shelf life, buying alfalfa sprouts from the grocery store can get quite expensive. Fortunately, growing do it yourself alfalfa sprouts is very easy and quick […]

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Not Just Bunny Food! The Nutritional Powerhouse Alfalfa Sprouts!

  The alfalfa plant has been used throughout history for its many medicinal benefits, but various parts of the plant like the leaves are too coarse to use in our diets. Fortunately, alfalfa sprouts contain all of the nutritional benefits of the leaves and stems, and at 8 calories per serving, they’re perfect for any […]

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Add a Peppery Kick with Watercress

  Eating a variety of leafy green vegetables is a staple of any healthy diet, and the fact that these vegetables are incredibly low in calories makes them the perfect choice for a weight loss diet plan. However, becoming stuck in a rut and eating the same leafy greens everyday can easily become boring, so adding […]

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