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Body Weight Digital Scale

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Body weight digital scale

Body weight digital scale that also measures body fat and hydration.

The digital scale allows you to accurately measure your body weight, body fat and hydration. The technology of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis is used to accurately relay your percent body fat and hydration which allows you to exactly track your weight loss progress.

The tempered glass safety platform is supported by 4 precise high strain gauge sensors for a weight capacity of 330 pounds and a fat graduation or .1%. The scale can hold up to 10 individuals personal data and displays on a 1 inch LCD screen.

2 6V CR2032 Lithium Batteries included.
12.1 x 12.1 x.87 inch dimensions.

Body Weight, Fat and Hydration Digital Scale
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1Measures Weight, Fat & Hydration $13.39
Shipping Rate: D
Order Body Weight, Fat and Hydration Digital Scale Measures Weight, Fat & Hydration @ $13.39