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Free BMI Calculator – Should you lose weight?


Calculate your BMI with the free BMI calculator below.

[calc id=1489]

*if the calculator does not load please refresh the page. 


1. Enter your height in inches.

(feet) * 12 + (inches) = total inches
5'2"   =   5' * 12 + 2" = 62" total

2. Enter your weight in pounds.
3. Select "no" the unit is not metric.


We hope this free bmi calculator, helps you to better understand your health, and answer the question "Should I lose weight?".

Research has shown that if you're overweight or obese (BMI ≥25) you're at a significantly higher risk for developing and harboring diseases like

heart disease,
sleep apnea,
severe depression, and

Losing weight, even just 5 to 10 pounds, could relieve you from these life threatening diseases.

BMI however, is only one factor in assessing health, and it does not account for muscle, fat or bone masses or gender. If you're overweight or obese and are concerned about the potential health implications, send our weight loss specialist dietitians an email, by  Clicking Here


We also have provided you with rDIETy's weight loss program to answer the question "How should I lose weight?"  Learn more by clicking below.  As you lose weight you should continue to check the free BMI calculator for your new BMI.  This will help you gage your progress and plan your continued weight loss.



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free BMI calculator

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