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Blueberries for Tea

Blueberries are jam packed with health promoting phytonutrients, and are mostly known for their brain and memory promoting, anti cancer health benefits.

They also make a fantastic tea because the fresh blueberry flavors and aromas are more potent when hot.  The tea retains many of the health benefiting antioxidants and phytonutrients.  If you look at the tea it is a rich blue color while blueberry skins left in your tea pot, coffee press or tea steeper, are pale white.  This means, you are drinking the benefits! Because colors are where most health promoting phytonutrients are.

Blueberries for Tea

Blueberries for Tea

Blueberry Tea

Some may argue, that heat destroys vital nutrients in fresh fruits.  Does that mean making tea out of our blueberries depletes nutrient density?

Not exactly! Although some nutrients such as the antioxidant Vitamin C are degraded with heat, many other phytonutrients like Vitamin E, D, K, Riboflavin, Niacin, Biotin are not! Also, heating has the ability of release many of these phytonutrients, that would otherwise be locked within the plant's cells.

So go ahead and enjoy fresh blueberry tea, you will love it!

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