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How To Blog for Us

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If you are a Food, Diet, Nutrition or Health blogger and would like to be a guest blogger at we encourage you to review the specifications and requirements below prior to submitting your articles.

We do not support articles with back links to personal sites.

how to blog We lay out exactly how to blog for RDietY.

Thank you for your interest in RDietY's blog, we look forward to your submissions.

Articles WILL NOT be reviewed if the following is not provided with the post: 1. an image to be featured; 2. keyword specification outline; 3. a price quote for the article's worth; 4. the authors Paypal payment ID information. (We copy and past the ID you give us into the paypal "make payment" box.  It is your responsibility to make sure your paypal ID is correct, once we submit our payment to you the article belongs to RDietY.).


Articles should be carefully written with impeccable spelling and grammar. The writing style should be authoritative, informational, fun, and easy to read.  Article length should vary based on the topic of choice.  If you are choosing to write a fun, crafty  post the length should be between 150 -250 words. If you are writing on a serious health topic we suggest a longer 500+ word post.  This will ensure you capture all of the serious, explanatory details.  Always include a catchy, interesting, social media worthy title.  Always provide links to other sources to expand on the topics in the article.  It is unacceptable to link to blogs to verify nutritional health facts.  Nutritional health facts must be linked to recently identified, scientifically backed, research based evidence sources like those found on Pubmed.

Your work must be 100% unique, please check your work using the plagiarism tracker, if this shows your work is not 100% unique you must submit the link to the work you are quoting.

If you know how to blog than you know that all blogs have an audience.  RDietY's audience is weight loss, low carb dieters, dieters in general, the overweight or obese who are trying to loss weight, healthy eaters.  The age range is from 18-60.  They most likely do not like to exercise, and do not have a gym membership.  They are not scientists and do not want to be overwhelmed with academic reading.  They want fun, interesting posts that will provide brief educational challenge, but mostly relaxing inspiration.


You must include a professional or semi professional images with your post *posts that are received without images will not be reviewed.  The image must relate to the post information, they must be social media worthy, to engage the reader, soliciting and encouraging sharing.

The images must be royalty free.

*Keywords and phrases*

Picking the keywords and phrases  is the most important part of any blog post.  The keyword is a big factor in determine if you blog is worth your quoted price.  Please be sure to follow the directions below.  *Failure to follow the directions will likely lead to a rejection of your post.

  1. Be sure to pick, at least 1, and no more than 3, creative keywords or phrase for your post.
  2. Though GoogleAdwords > tools > keyword planner, make sure your keyword has over 1,000 google searches per month.  
  3. Preferably with medium to high competition,
  4. and a suggested bid of $0.50 or more.

In your article, your keyword to word density should be 2.5 - 5.  Make sure to place you keyword  in:

  1. Bold.
  2. A catchy, fun title of 10 - 75 characters.
  3. The first sentence of the post.
  4. A heading somewhere in the middle of the post.

Determining your article's worth:

This can be a shot in the dark for many.  If you do not know how to blog or if this is your first time submitting an blog and you are unsure of how much you should quote for your article, we suggest starting between $15-$30.  The following are additional factors RDietY uses to determine your articles worth.

  1. Your nutrition or health care credentials
  2. Your willingness to like and share your article on social media (if you and your friends don't like your work, who will?)!
  3. Your participation and activity on the blog. (comment, share and like other blog posts)
  4. Your social network. (If you share an article with your social network and are able to receive additional (100+) likes and shares in the first few days, your article will be worth more to us.)

Note *we do pay $50+ for articles.  If you are going to quote us an article at $50+ please know that your article must be worth $50+.  We determine an article's worth by how much revenue it will generate for our blog.  RDietY's blog generates revenue through adword pay per clicks, social shares, and potential clients recruited for our menu plans.  Those who successfully receive $50+ per article are usually experts in nutrition, active on our blog (sharing and liking other posts), and submit a "cover letter" with their post.  The letter outlines the keyword prospects and a social media plan for once the article is posted.

Submitting your Article:

Once you submit an article to RDietY, you may NOT publish, share or release the work anywhere else, unless and until you receive an email from RDietY clearly stating that your work was rejected and will not be used on our site.  If RDietY feels your article is not appropriate for our blog, or is not worth your quoted price you will receive a rejection email and your work will be deleted from our records to ensure it is never posted on our blog.  In this way you are able to submit the post as original to another blog.

If you receive an email stating that your article was accepted, then you will be paid your quoted price, and the article becomes legally owned by RDietY.  In this case RDietY may change and alter the work if deemed necessary. You may only share and use the article via, and you may not publish, submit, use or change the article in anyway, for any reason at any time.

Knowing how to blog is very difficult, but once you get the hang of it, it starts to get very easy.  If you have any questions please email

Please submit your article here.