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Rekindle your love for Apples

Apples are a great snack for any time of day.  Juicy and delicious, packed with vitamins and minerals, loaded with fibers and study's show they can prevent brain diseases like Alzheimer's, what's not to love ... right?

Wrong!... who avoids eating an apple because of:

1. The embarrassing first bite, always joined by an offensive spray of apple juice;

2. The uncertainty of when to stop gnawing at the core; and

3. The unavoidable question "what do I do with the core?"?

We have all been there and we all avoid apples for these reasons.

The apple corer is a cheap, easy, practically effortless way to perfectly section and core your apples.  These perfect sections are easy to travel with, and can be snacked on anywhere. Perfect for dipping in peanut butter, chocolate, and cream cheese, feel free to get creative, let us know how you like to eat your apple sections.

Don't forget to sprinkle your apple sections with a little lemon juice to avoid browning.  Enjoy your apple. 

an apple, cored and wedged.

an apple, cored and wedged.

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