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Adding Rice to Your Weight Loss Diet Plan? Try Brown Basmati Rice!

Brown rice is a great addition to your weight loss diet plan, but are all brown rices created equal?  Basmati rice is sure to hold its own in nutrient density.

Rice is the second most consumed grain worldwide. When it comes to eating healthy types of rice in our weight loss diet plan, most of us automatically think about brown rice. This short grain rice is full of more fiber and vitamins than its processed white rice counterpart, but there is actually an even healthier type of brown rice that you may be missing out on.

Basmati rice in your weight loss diet plan

Brown Basmati rice, a relative of the more common white Basmati rice, is a fragrant nutty-tasting long grain rice commonly found in Indian cuisine. It cooks faster than the shorter, fatter common brown rice, and is full of a wide range of vitamins and minerals, in addition to its high amounts of fiber and protein. The most unique feature of brown Basmati rice, however, is its various phytonutrients and plant sterols, specifically a compound called gamma oryzanol.
Gamma oryzanol is a highly active antioxidant, found to be even more effective than vitamin E at preventing oxidative damage! This is important because antioxidants prevent the cells in our bodies from becoming damaged due to free radicals found throughout our environment. Antioxidants protect us from various diseases ranging from the common cold to cancer!
“Gamma Oryzanol, a commonly found bioactive component in rice, is rarely found in other cereals and vegetables” – International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Gamma Oryzanol is very hard to find in our diets, as rice is really the only main source of it, and even then it is in very small quantities. Eating brown Basmati rice serves as a source of this powerful antioxidant, in addition to its many other valuable nutrients.  So try Basmati rice in your weight loss diet plan.
This rice can be a bit difficult to find in grocery stores, but you could try your local farmer’s markets, organic supermarkets, your local health food store.
So next time you’re looking to use rice in your weight loss diet plan, reach for brown Basmati rice instead of the classic brown rice. Your tastebuds and your body will thank you!

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