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Add a Nutritional Kick to Your Low Carb Diet Plan with Ginger!


Ginger is a powerful herb possessing both nutritional and medicinal health benefits, and is the perfect complement to any low carb diet plan.

Originally from Southeast Asia, ginger has been a prized ingredient in Asian, Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine for thousands of years. The zesty, fresh, sweet flavors that ginger brings to the table, however, are not the only reasons for this herb’s popularity. 

Ginger contains hardly any calories, and is full of antioxidants like vitamins C and E. It has long been held as a home remedy for colds, indigestion, constipation and nausea, and recent research has actually proved ginger to be effective in preventing nausea and vomiting, even in the presence of vomiting-inducing agents!

“Various preclinical and clinical studies have shown ginger to possess antiemetic effects against different emetogenic stimuli.” – Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition

Adding ginger to your low carb diet plan is easy, as ginger is widely available in its fresh ginger root form in any grocery store, as well as in powder form in the spice aisle. Try to choose the fresh source as often as possible, however, as it has higher concentrations of disease-fighting phytosterols than its dried form.

Chopped fresh ginger root can be added to a stir fry for a fresh, spicy flavor. If added at the beginning of the cooking period, the ginger will have a mild, subtle flavor, and if added closer to the end of the cooking period, the flavor will be much stronger.

Ginger tea is also a perfect addition to a low carb diet plan because it is calorie-free, has all of the health benefits of fresh ginger, and can soothe any upset stomach! Ginger tea can be made by boiling water, adding a few fresh chunks of peeled ginger root, then letting it steep for 5 minutes or so.

So next time you’re in the grocery store shopping for new additions to your low carb diet plan, pick up some fresh ginger and say hello to this ancient superfood!

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One Response so far.

  1. elder says:

    I love Ginger, I put it in/on everything. And I love ginger tea with a hint of homemade spring flower honey… Great post!