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5 Easy Ways to Lose Weight by Cutting Calories from Your Diet


When looking for easy ways to lose weight, one of the easiest methods is to alter your diet so you are consuming fewer calories without noticing.

Following a weight loss diet plan can be tough if you restrict yourself from eating the things you love.

Here’s a list of five easy ways to lose weight by cutting calories in places you won’t notice.

  • Mix half of your fruit juice with half a glass of carbonated spring water. Making this “juice spritzer” cuts your caloric intake by half while still allowing you to enjoy the taste of the juice. The extra carbonation is also perfect for a weight loss diet plan because it encourages you to drink the juice slower, savor it longer, and fill you up instead of drinking it quickly and then rummaging through your fridge for a snack.
  • Swap some whole eggs for egg whites when making omelettes or egg salad. Keeping just one or two whole eggs in the mix will still give you the yellow colour and rich yolk taste, but by swapping the other 3 or 4 whole eggs in your omelette or egg salad mix for egg whites, you can cut a couple hundred calories from your meal.
  • Use skim milk in your coffee instead of cream. This milk swap is one of the most popular easy ways to lose weight, but does require a bit of time for your taste buds to adjust. At first skim milk in coffee may seem a bit thin, but after a few cups it will start tasting just as good as you remember you old cup of Joe tasting, but without the extra fat and calories of cream.
  • Eat an apple before lunch. A study in Appetite magazine showed that eating an apple before a meal can help you consume fewer calories. Apples are rich in fiber, so they fill your stomach before you start eating your main meal.

“Eating an apple prior to lunch helps reduce calories at that meal by 15 percent or 185 calories.” –Appetite Magazine

  • Start your day with protein. Eating a source of protein at breakfast can keep you feeling full longer throughout the day, making those morning donuts at work seem a little less tempting. Eggs, Greek yogurt, high protein cereal, Canadian bacon, and ham are all great high protein sources for breakfast.

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Following a weight loss diet plan is much easier when you’re still eating the foods you enjoy, just altered in ways so you’re taking in fewer calories without noticing. These easy ways to lose weight are a great starting point to any weight loss diet plan, and can help lay the groundwork to a successful, happy new you!

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