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4th of July weight loss challenge!

4th of July Weight loss challenge!

The 4th of July weight loss challenge is here!

Is your body ready for summer? If you're like most of us, than probably not! The New Years resolution was a flop, and without warning the warmer weather is here.

But that is not a good excuse, for why you shouldn't look and feel your very best this summer holiday season.  RDietY is inviting you to our 4th of July weight loss challenge.

First sign up for your weight loss plan, and follow the diet.

Than use the strategies below to set your routine and maximize your compliance.

1. Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier than you need to get up.
2. Your alarm should be lowed yet soothing.
3. For those 10 minutes before your get up self-motivate. "I will be healthy", "I will eat breakfast", "I will not snack on junk". - convince yourself of these.
5. Brush and floss your teeth after you eat breakfast.
6. Pack you lunch, and at least 2 healthy snacks. (Step 13.)
7. Before you take your lunch break, get pumped about the lunch you brought, and promise yourself that you will not raid the vending machine.
8. Enjoy your meals and never eat while distracted. That means no TV, work, phone or internet!
9. Bring your tooth brush wherever you go and always brush after eating.
10. Stay away from the unhealthy snack filled break room! (Just because it is free doesn't mean you should eat it)
11. On your way home from work, plan a fun activity you would like to do before dinner, go to the grocery store, take a walk in the park.
12. Home cook at least 99% of your dinners.
13. Prepare your tomorrow's lunch and snacks when you make dinner.
14. Brush and floss your teeth two hours before bed.
15. No food or drinks after you brush your teeth.
16. Weekday bed time is 10:30 pm.
17. As you are falling asleep, clear your mind of all the day's work and worry.

4th of July weight loss challenge is here!  The summer is about living the good life, going out side, and showing off your sexy body. But if you don't feel fabulous, you may shy way from taking on this wonderful season. Don't let the summer slip you by. Get up, get motivated, and get to losing weight today. Follow RDietY's weight loss plan and the above 17 steps. After all it's the 4th of July weight loss challenge.


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