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Star Anise: a Beautiful and Beneficial Addition to your Low Carb Diet Plan

Low carb diet plan, Star Anise

  In the constant search for new, exciting flavors to keep your low carb diet plan interesting, the exotic spices star anise. Star Anise can be an excellent way to add new flavor to an old recipe while providing our bodies with new sources of nutrients at the same time. Star anise (scientifically named Illicium […]

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On a weight loss diet plan? Get rid of your fat phobia!

weight loss diet plan, fat phobia

  On a weight loss diet plan you’ll need to get rid of your fat phobia!  Here’s how! It’s a sad day when one dreads a trip to the grocery for fear of food labels! Aisle after aisle is triggered with misleading red flags designed to intimidate the unsuspecting mind. If you’re skinny, you wage […]

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A Nutritional Superstar for your weight loss diet plan: Edamame

Weight loss diet plan, edamame

Edamame, or young soybeans, have only recently become popular in the North American weight loss diet plan, but have been part of the Asian diet for thousands of years. The soybeans are harvested while still green and tender, but mature enough to provide countless nutrients for our bodies. Edamame (pronounced Ed-ah-mah-may) is a nutritional powerhouse, […]

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Free Foods for your Low Carb Diet Plan

low carb diet plan

  There are a wide variety of “free foods” that you can consume with your low carb diet plan without compromising weight loss. You can add, remove or substitute any of these free foods in your low carb diet plan.  We divided the free foods into 4 main categories that can help you remember them.  These […]

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Adding Rice to Your Weight Loss Diet Plan? Try Brown Basmati Rice!

Basmati rice in your weight loss diet plan

Brown rice is a great addition to your weight loss diet plan, but are all brown rices created equal?  Basmati rice is sure to hold its own in nutrient density. Rice is the second most consumed grain worldwide. When it comes to eating healthy types of rice in our weight loss diet plan, most of […]

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