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Registered Dietitians at RDietY

Use the latest scientific research to carefully develop the weight loss program. Your metabolism with be naturally boosted allowing you to effortlessly slim down to your ideal body weight.

About RDietY

We all know that losing weight CAN be painful, but did you know that it doesn't have to be? RDietY Registered Dietitians and nutrition experts use the latest scientific research to create this satisfying and complete weight loss plan. We are here to help you successfully and painlessly lose weight and keep it off!

Our Services

Customizable Diet Plan ------------------------- Click to expand
Beautifully laid out diet plan with easy to follow, specially formulated recipes for effective weight loss! Clearly view menus for today, tomorrow and the month. Change meals to your preference. Change the serving sizes as needed. Learn More
Responsive Shopping List --------------------- Click to expand
The shopping list generator, compiles the ingredients for the days you choose to shop for. The printable list categorizes ingredients for an easy shopping experience. Learn More
Stay on track by setting your weight loss goal. Enter your desired deadline date and goal weight. Then track your everyday weight loss progress. Learn More

RDietY Stands By You!

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View your menus for today, tomorrow and the month. Create shopping lists.

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All the kitchen gadgets you need to successfully maintain your healthy diet.

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Fun quick articles and tips to keep you updated and inspired.

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Help support ARDIETY (501c3) prevent disordered eating in our youth!

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